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  • 1 Oz (28g)
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  • 1 lb (454g)
  • 1kg (1000g)
  • 12 Count
  • 24 Count
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Malay kratom named after its host nation Malaysia is influenced with rich history from where it is harvested. The word “Malay” refers to harvesting methods where farmers select the biggest leaves off the trees. This method is for making use of the number of alkaloids that are taken and included into powders.

Alkaloids are what control the mood enhancing and health improvement properties of kratom. The alkaloid levels also depend on the size of the leaves. The larger the leaf the higher the alkaloid content.

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1 Oz (28g), 2 Oz (57g), 4 Oz (113g), 8 Oz (227g), 1 lb (454g), 1kg (1000g), 12 Count, 24 Count


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