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Originating from Borneo, this herbal remedy is popular for its serious efficiency. This kratom is ideal before a morning workout or intensive focused tasks. Its effects are similar to Maeng-Da, which includes staying alert with high energy.

Known as the most stimulating kratom products in the market, Horn is used via aromatherapy or recreational sessions. This strong strain is one of the greatest growing kratom products in the world. It has gained buzz from all users claiming its effects leave them with high class energy and incredible capabilities.

Horm increases mental performance, mood, focus, creativity and wellbeing. It has also proven helpful to those with tension and pain when used correctly. This kratom product can be found in powder and capsule form. The vibrant green tones of the green Horn leaf is a giveaway of the level intensity of this product.

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1 Oz (28g), 2 Oz (57g), 4 Oz (113g), 8 Oz (227g), 1 lb (454g), 1kg (1000g), 12 Count, 24 Count


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