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Borneo, one of the biggest islands in Asia, and the third biggest island in the world, is home to large amount of kratom trees in the forests. There is no proof of how long the kratom trees have been on the island, but residents have used the leaves for medical reasons dating back to over a thousand years ago.
From the land that produces Mitragyna Speciosa, Borneo is one of the most popular herbal antidote in the market today. Users of the White Borneo have enjoyed the plant for its health enriching and mood boosting properties.

When ingesting any herbal supplement, its important to know of its origins. White Borneo Kratom is generally known as “Bali.” This is due to the shipping process of Borneo. When kratom began its exporting into the West, the products were taken to Bali for shipping.

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1 Oz (28g), 2 Oz (57g), 4 Oz (113g), 8 Oz (227g), 1 lb (454g), 1kg (1000g), 12 Count, 24 Count


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