Kratom Types and Strains


Kratom is found in three-color types; Green Vein, White Vein and the Red Vein. For a very long time it has been a common believe that the White and Green Vein are almost the same; however, modern research has proved otherwise. The key difference between White and Green Vein leaves is clearly distinguishable when observed carefully in detail. Precision inspection reveals that the White Vein is actually light beige or milky white in color while the Green Vein is in a definitively Greener color shade. Many Kratom retailers often confuse their audience by rebranding the same variety type of Kratom in different engaging names and packaging schemes to gain the attention of their customers, and because many people are not aware of how to differentiate between the types of Kratom realistically, they tend to fall for it.


The real names of the different types and strains of Kratom are derived from the lands of their actual Origination, namely from; Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. These regions are then further subdivided and connected to the smaller and particularly distinct ones, amongst them:


1) Indonesia: The Indonesian breeds are commonly called as ‘Indo’. Indonesian Kratom is available in all three-color types; Red Vein, Green Vein and the White Vein.


*Bali is a special breed of Kratom because its blend was created at a small region named Bali, through the fusion of both the Borneo and Sumatra.


2) Thailand: The Kratom breeds from Thailand are also called as the Thai breed. Kratom from Thailand, despite of being rare, is available mainly in the Green and Red Vein


*Maeng Da is in fact not a sub region of Thailand; it is however, the most enhanced version of the Thailand breed that has been evolved and improved throughout the years.


3)  Malaysia: The Malaysian Kratom breeds are commonly referred to as the ‘Malay Kratom’. Just like the Indonesian one, the Malay Kratom also comes in all three color types (Red Vein, Green Vein and the White Vein).




In spite of producing similar color types, every region has its own different and unique natural Geographical identity features because of a different soil, climate and ecology that differentiate the overall level of alkaloids potency found in each exclusive breed of the Kratom leaves.


After understanding, the fundamental classification of the regional strains and names of the Kratom, as described above, you will now be able to eliminate your own confusion in understanding and interpreting the specific market language for the different breeds of Kratom available. For example, if you come across a market name such as the “Red Vein Borneo”,  you will instantaneously recognize that it is actually referring to the Red Veined Kratom leaf found in the gardens of the Borneo region, which is located within the deeps of Indonesia!



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